Wonders Never Cease!

More Magic for Sale.

MORE MAGIC FOR SALE......and more to follow!  Watch this space for latest additions.

"DEMON" Improved Pillars and Cords.

Stack of empty wooden travel boxes for sale. (Except Number 250)

The above boxes made by Granville Taylor originally contained tricks, and as the contents were sold, often the buyer did not want to pay higher shipping costs by including the box, so these are left, and for sale, individually or in bulk.  Let me know the approx measurement of what you would like and I can quote you a price, or buyer to collect.  There are two empty close-up magic boxes here, with lock and key.

"DEMON" Improved Pillars and Cords. With instructions., ,SOLD. 30..

Empty "scrimmed" wood travel boxes. Taylor-Made.

Suitcase size empty wood travel box.

Empty "scrimmed" wood travel boxes.  Small and medium sized boxes for your tricks in travel or storage.  £5 each.

 Above is an empty wood travel box, suitcase size, with hasp and staple and padlock.  Taylor-Made.  Suitable for your tricks when travelling or in storage. Two for sale. £10 each.

These two empty wooden boxes each have a Cheney lock and key and a leather handle. Not "scrimmed".  £5 each.

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN.  Ignorance is bliss to some Americans, but Granville Taylor has owned Amac's original equipment and sole performing rights throughout the world since 1960, as this document shows.  Amac's "Find the Lady" illusion is now for sale, with sole performing rights throughout the world.