Photographs and Prices.

Please write or e-mail Granville Taylor to check that the item(s) you would like to buy are still available.  Prices do not include U.K. postage, airmail, or delivery charges.  If possible, for large heavy items, please arrange to collect in person. If an overseas buyer, door to door shipping can be arranged for large heavy items.


George Hammerton "Flying Ring" Reel, currently set-up for "Vanishing Egg". 375. SOLD.

Self-Opening Umbrella for production, with load bag. In a "scrimmed" cardboard tube. Photo below shows the open umbrella. 20.


Combined Close-up Carrying Case and Table, including green felt, large coin, and bottle. Rest of props not included. 275.


Showing drawer with mirror to enable magician to view face of a playing card held at back edge of table top.

Glass Penetration Frame. Taylor-Made. Based upon the original Chris Charlton model, but bigger, and made from "Duralumin". Price: 250

Close-up Carrying Case/Table.

Faust's Snake Basket. Taylor-Made. Rising and falling mechanism designed by his friend, the late "Marco". Operated by a modified wind-up gramophone motor.One only made.Snake rises with wrong card, and drops back down again.Shower of cards thrown out of basket, and then the snake rises with the correct card, turning its head from side to side. Price: 975. SOLD.

Lightweight 3-Tier Table. Aluminium tubular legs. Made to dismantle and pack flat. Taylor-Made. With its own wooden travel box. One only. Price: 125.

Dove Cage Vanish for 6 Doves. Taylor-Made. On Brazilian mahogany antique style table. Price: 600.

Thin model Dove in Balloon. Taylor-Made. Price: 120. SOLD.

The Crystal Casket & Stool (Centre of Photograph). Taylor-Made. Price: 155.

Vanishing Bowl of Water on Tray. Mephisto-Huis large copper bowl, special cloth, and the original aluminium circular tray, plus a large circular brass tray from Port Said, Egypt for improved appearance. In a heavy wooden travel box. Buyer to collect or to arrange delivery. Price: 100.