Photographs of Stage 'props' for Sale.

Stage 'props' shown are still available, with prices.

'Props' Trolley. Dismantles and packs flat for travelling. Trolley measures 25" x 20", excluding handle at one end, and is 31.5" high. With wooden carrying case. 100.


This coronet originally was intended to be worn for "Find the Lady". Lucille commented "That's one like I wanted to wear, but Amac and Cecil Lyle said "NO!", because it might cause problems in the presentation. Valerie wore it a few times, until it DID cause a problem, and then it was never worn again until I went to Japan, and an assistant wore it for "The Three Card Swindle". Withdrawn from Sale..

Dove Box for transporting four doves, with removable wire mesh frame so that the lid can be left open in the dressing room.  Complete with a wooden perch, water and food containers, and canvas bags for food and grit.  Also suitable for a live rabbit.  Box measures 46 x 30 x 24 cms.  £20.  SOLD.

Inside the Dove travel box. Wire mesh frame can be removed, and the wooden perch fitted along the length of the box in the centre, so that the doves can perch out in the dressing room.  SOLD.

"Scrimmed" wooden box for transporting canaries, as used by Faust the Magician. Box measures 35 x 25 x 26 cms. 20. SOLD.