Further Magic Photos. Tricks for Sale.

Further Magic Photographs. Tricks for Sale.

Tricks for sale, with prices, from Faust's Great Magic Show.

Six Card Repeat. As used by Faust in all his shows.With Faust's original patter. 12. SOLD.

Juggling Balls and Video .

Three Black & Silver Leather Balls for Juggling, plus two more juggling balls each in red, blue, and green. With Juggling Video.  Price: £10.  SOLD.

Cigarette Catching Gimmick. Taylor-Made.

CIGARETTE CATCHING GIMMICK. Clip on to second finger at back of hand, with a cigarette fixed on the long needle, for cigarette catching from mid-air, and apparently throwing the cigarette(s) produced into a top hat or a brass bowl. 7.50.