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More, More Magic for Sale.

More photographs of tricks for sale from Faust's Great Magic Show. 

Three Jumbo Bicycle Rider Red back Changing Cards for Rising Card Routine.  Taylor-Made.  Price: £30.  SOLD.

A Box of Joke Novelties. All from 1920's era onwards.

Box of Joke Novelties, all from 1930's era onwards.  Many clockwork items.  Joke Cigarette tin, Vibrating matchbox, Hopping Matchbox,  Jack-in-the-Box Matchbox, Disappearing Matches, Drawer spring-out Matchbox, Sparking Matchbox, Explosive Lead Pencil, Vibrating Matchbox in original packet, Vintage Adams' Explosive Lip-Stick Case.  All in a black velvet box.  £50.


Double Colour Change Silk.

Rice's Original Double Colour Change Silks. Mint. Price: £20.  SOLD.

APPEARING MAGIC WANDS.  Made from thin plastic film.  Two supplied.  Different manufacturers (unknown).  One wand slightly smaller than the other.  Photo shows the larger wand. Full instructions. Supplied in a spectacle case as shown.  £3.00.





"Scrimmed" and painted Dragon Cut-Out on Stand.

6-ft. Dragon Plywood Cut-Out on Stand.  "Scrimmed" and painted. Taylor-Made.  A stage set-piece used  to hold paper bag containing broken plate for "Broken & Restored Plate" trick when working with just one assistant. To be sold with Cingalee's "Broken & Restored Dinner Plate". (See item 1 on

Dove from Large Egg.

Dove from Large Egg.  Approx. 10" long and 6-1/2" diameter at widest part. Replica of one that Cingalee used, in which he produced the large egg from a Wunda-Villa, untied the ribbon, and then separated the egg into two halves, throwing the dove (Fantail pigeon) in the air.  Taylor-Made.  Price: £8.  SOLD.