Still More Magic.

Still More Magic for Sale.

Faust presenting the "Broken & Restored Dinner Plate" in Japan 1968 tour. Original equipment as used by Ching Wu, and later by his son Cingalee. Unique. Price: 400.

MULTIPLYING BILLIARD BALLS.  Taylor-Made.  Three wooden balls, turned from beech hardwood, 48mm in diamter, plus a fibreglass shell.  Shell is a perfect fit, so a ball in the shell can be tossed in the air without separating.  As used by Faust in his re-creation of De Biere's 1930's act.  £30.  SOLD.

JUMBO RISING CARD GLASS as used by The Great Lyle and Faust. Whilst Faust was playing a season at The London Room in 1979 and performing the Jumbo Rising Cards as made by John Martin for Lyle, a piece of glass dropped off from the base of this goblet. (See photograph). Faust continued as though nothing had happened, and continued to use this glass for the rest of the season. At home he had Lyle's "spare" glass goblet. Can still be used for the Jumbo Rising cards effect, and far superior to the rectangular "Perspex" holders sold today. Rare, and at a very low price of 10. SOLD.

Vintage Locking Finger Reel.

Vintage Locking Finger Reel. From Harry Stanley's Unique Magic Studio in London. With silk attached for the "Flying Silk" routine. Excellent condition. 20.



THE "MIRACLE" BILLIARD BALL.  Also known as the "looped ball".  A 5 cms diameter billiard ball is made to appear and disappear in a series of bewildering manipulations having the appearance of great skill.  Complete with full photographic detailed instructions for the routine.  £15.

5-Bloom Flowering Rose Bush. Taylor-Made

5-Bloom Flowering Rose Bush , growing 5 real roses. Brass leaves. Modified wind-up gramophone motor mechanism. Taylor-Made. Will be shipped in a strong wooden travel box specially made to hold the rose bush and tub in the centre of the box. Price: 850 plus shipping. SOLD.

5-Bloom Flowering Rose Bush.

5-Bloom Flowering Rose Bush with rear door of tub open to show the mechanism.