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More Latest Tricks Listed.

The Revolving Cane. Cane unscrews into two parts for ease in travelling. In a canvas case. 50.

De Biere type Egg-Bag with his original patter, plus "blown" eggs.  In a "scrimmed" wooden travel box.  £150.

Serpent Silk with reel.  (Untying Silk).  £50.

Merv Taylor Round Birdcage Production with 24" square Silk. In a "scrimmed" woodn travel box. £275

A Bartl Locking Vanishing Birdcage. The type used by De Biere and Faust.  In a "scrimmed" cardboard tube.  £400. 

Thumb-Tie routine as taught to Faust by Howard de Courcy, with five wooden hoops and patter. In a canvas bag.  Plus one of Howard's spare wooden hoops.  Complete with two cords for tying the thumbs, and full instructions for the routine.  £350.  SOLD.

A Vintage Round Production Cage.  Maker unknown, superb design, and bigger and just as good as the Martin model. £300.  Complete ith a Taylor-Made Tie-Dyed 42" square silk.