More photographs of tricks and illusions for sale from FAUST'S GREAT MAGIC SHOW.


Brass Bowl, 10.5" diameter, 8" high, with wire gauze inside bottom of bowl covering a holder for a lit cigarette, to produce smoke as dummy cigarettes are produced and thrown into the bowl. Plus a Lit Cigarette Holder for 3 cigarettes, a dummy cigar, and a corncob pipe. 30.

Automatic lighting Fire Torch. 30 inches long. Made for Faust by his mechanic Arthur Cradock. Unique. Battery operated. Price: 50. SOLD.

Vintage Chris Van Bern's 'One Jug One Glass' Wine & Water routine with special celluloid fakes. Also Cingalee's Wine & Water routine with one jug and two glasses and same fakes. Use your own jug and glass(es). 10. SOLD.

Abbott's Travelling Garter. Price 60. SOLD.

Wooden box for transporting live canaries. SOLD.

Stanyon's Jumbo 3-Card Trick. Cards made by the late Dick Ritson. Display Stand made by Granville Taylor. With felt-lined "scrimmed" travel box for cards, and "scrimmed" travel box for display stand and cards. Price: 60. SOLD.


Firebox trick. SOLD..

The 12-Bloom Rose Bush. Taylor-Made. Brass leaves. Modified wind-up gramophone motor mechanism. Price: 1,500. SOLD.


Cigarette Catching Clip. Taylor-Made. For producing cigarettes from the air. 7.50. SOLD.

21-Bloom Flowering Rose Bush. Brass leaves. Modified wind-up gramophone motor. Taylor-Made. Price: 2,500. SOLD.

Petrie-Lewis reel for Untying Handkerchief etc. SOLD.

Numero by Al Koran. SOLD.

Flowering Bouquet. Brass leaves. Hand operated. In its travel box ready for shipping. 650 plus shipping. SOLD.

.Faust with his Flowering Bouquet. Brass leaves. No feathers!.. SOLD.

"Where Do the Ducks/Doves Come From?" Specially made for Granville Taylor by Gil Leaney in the late 1950's. SOLD.


Tear-Apart Dove Vanish. With easy fix paper panels and folding stand. Will vanish two or three Java doves.Taylor-Made. Price: 150.